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What Could Little Jimmy Teach His Mother About Communication?

Little Jimmy is at school one Wednesday. Whilst gazing out of the window over the playground he sees his father drive by with Aunt Julie in the passenger seat.

The breaktime bell rings and so Little Jimmy decides to go follow them and say 'hi'. Jimmy's Dad drives in to the nearby woods. Jimmy runs to catch them up. As he reaches the woods, Jimmy notices his Dad kissing Aunt Julie.

Little Jimmy stands and watches before running home.

"Mummy, mummy," he starts to relate the story, "I followed Dad and Aunt Julie in to the woods by my school at break time and saw Dad kissing Aunt Julie. Then He helped her off with her top, and she helped him off with his bottoms, then..."

Jimmy's mother interrupted. "Jimmy, stop right there. Why don't you tell us all this story over dinner when you're Dad is back. I'm sure his reaction will be worth the wait."

Little Jimmy waits. Dinner time comes and the entire family is seated around the table. "Oh Jimmy, didn't you have a story to tell your father," Mum enquired.

"Yes. I followed Dad and Aunt Julie in to the woods and saw them kissing. Then Dad helped Aunt Julie off with her shirt and she helped him off with his trousers. Then...well then they did that thing that Mum and the postman do when Dad's away on the rigs"

Sometimes its good just to listen. We are born with 2 ears and only 1 mouth. There's a reason for that.

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