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Unique Corporate Entertainment Ideas

Year on year, finding a new way to entertain delegates at corporate events means finding unique corporate entertainment ideas. And after a while it can get tricky.

Corporate entertainers come in all shapes and sizes, and maybe you've tried the comic, the sporting personality, you've had a DJ and a band, a tribute act and you're convinced there's nothing else you can do.

In a survey we did of our clients last year, we found that the reason they hired me to perform my comedy psychological mind reading show at their conferences, awards ceremonies and banquets is because they are looking for "something unique and different".

Then we found out something that we did not expect (some kind of mind reader eh?). The reason that guests enjoy my performances so much, is also because it is so unique and different.

Strange how things work like that, isn't it? If you'd like to have a natter, a chat and a chin-wag about how I can make sure that everyone is talking about your next company function, get in touch.

Wedding Entertainment Ideas - A Mind Reader

One of the most unique wedding entertainment ideas that is getting fantastic responses is having a mind reading show right after the wedding breakfast at your wedding.

Imagine all of the bridesmaids, the groomsmen and your whole family enjoying that lovely wedding meal. You swallow that last gulp of desert and embark on the heartfelt and amusing speeches.

Once the wedding speeches are over and the Best Man has amused everyone with funny anecdotes of the Groom's past endeavours, the party comes to a halt. There's a pause. A break in proceedings between now and the evening reception.

This is the perfect time to have some fantastic interactive entertainment such as a comedy mind reader for many reasons:

  1. It keeps your wedding day flowing. Rather than a pause in the day. So people don't get bored and start to drift away (which unfortunately happens a little more often than we might like).
  2. Break the ice between the two families and give them something to talk about. Weddings are the coming together of two families, for the most part. Give aunts and uncles on both sides something they can talk about, and they will be instantly able to enjoy the evening together. And talk they will when you have someone read people's minds and make them laugh!
  3. Be remembered for longer. Gone are the days when a close up magician and a Kaylee dance session make your wedding one that stands out from the others that people attend this year, remember from last year and look forward to next. Having a mindreader is not something many are doing just yet, so be the first to set the trend and your wedding day will certainly be remembered a lot longer than the others.

Dinner Party Entertainment - Is Having A Mind Reader As Dinner Party Entertainment A Good Idea?

Dinner Party Entertainment from www.mindofkennedy.co.uk

Snapped In The Loo Of A Dinner
Party Entertainment Gig
Blame that TV show Come Dine With Me that's now crossing continents, blame the economy or just take it as another cycle in fashion - dinner party entertaining is back in vogue.

Have you ever thought about having professional entertainment at your dinner party to really raise the standards and show your friends what its really all about?

Many people think that as a comedy mind reader guy, I only perform at large lavish corporate events, when in truth I perform just as many intimate dinners and 'at home' parties for smaller groups.

The truth is that dinner parties are among my favourite kinds of gigs.

  1. There is a much more personal touch. I can connect with every person at your party, get to know them, call them by their name.
  2. It works so well, being that close to everyone proves that there is absolutely no way I can be hiding anything or doing anything sneaky. There's no back-stage in your lounge, kitchen, study or conservatory. This means the impact of the show is so much more, because it's happening under the most fair of conditions.
  3. The more people, the less chance of you being personally involved. When people participate in something you're much more likely to talk about it and remember it for a lot longer. Dinner parties are usually between 6 and 40 people, so the chances of being involved are a lot higher than, say if you were to come along to my theatre show.
  4. I LOVE dinner parties and coming along to more is one way of getting to have more fun. You can't blame me :)
To talk to me about bringing me along as your dinner party entertainer, visit www.mindofkennedy.co.uk

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