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2 Big Questions You Always Wanted Answered About NLP...

This mind-technology that is sweeping the world seems to have no limits, but what can Neuro-Linguistic-Programming really achieve? What's all this about 'presuppositions' and other gawky lingo?

What the heck is it anyway?
As the name suggests, it is a combination of psychological principles where the fundamental understanding is that the things that happen in our brains (the neurons that make them) are linked with our language. Not just our spoken words but our none verbal language too. Our internal language and physical gestures.
Finally the 'Programming' bit is the concept that, just like the computer you sit at right now, our brains can be programmed and re-programmed. Incredibly, NLP believes that this programming of our brains can be done through our language.

So, What Can Be Done With It?
A lot, to be honest. Any time you think or feel anything, you can change that reaction. So the fact you're afraid of spiders is just a programme in your mind, it can be changed. So yes self improvement, confidence, phobias, addictions such as smoking can all be changed.

However more interestingly, you can use the techniques to change others. So if you want someone to feel more positive, motivated and excited you can use the principles to induce that state of mind.

In fact one guy has even taken it to the extreme by applying NLP to the 'art' of seduction. So it's even possible to find the perfect partner using these techniques. (he actually has a free book on this subject here)

I've also used it to increase the response to advertising, marketing, web videos, podcasts and the like. Basically when there is a situation when you'd like to change the thought process and emotional presponse to a situation, almost any situation NLP can be used.

Summarise Monkey-Boy
It's not half as complicated as the 'gurus' will have you believe. NLP is basically the idea that the way we feel about things, the emotions and mood can be changed through the use of language. Simples.

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  1. NLP is also about HOW someone does something excellently and HOW this can then be learnt by another.....Modelling excellence is a big and basic concept in NLP


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