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Why Am I Pleased To Have Watched a Horse Being Killed Last Night and To Have Vomited?

First of all, the great news is that the show at the Lancastrian Suite on May 1st this year IS going ahead. Thank you for your support. The venue holds a whopping 700+ people so we look forward to filling those up now that we've passed the break-even milestone.

Why AM I in shock?
Last night on BBC2 at 10pm was a documentary on the Horse People, a bunch of folk in the east who rear and breed horses. I'm fascinated with other cultures and as you know I am seriously difficult to offend. I just love 'sick' humour. However last night really pushed my buttons.

At one point in the documentary it is decided by the Horse People that a particular member of their herd, whom they have raised since birth, was of no use because it wasn't giving young. The solution was that they'd kill it and use it for meat.

I'm cool with that. My uncle is a farmer, I know the way of the world. However the film-makers then proceeded to show the horse people chasing the terrified animal around the yard to put a noose around it's neck.

The end of the rope is tied to a pole and pulled tight to strange the horse to the point of collapse. This was horrific.

Following that she was beaten to death with an axe to the skull.

Why Am I Pleased I Watched It?
It's strange that I was talking to the Chief Executive of the 'Life' children's charity straight after the event back in March about this exact thing subject.

I think it is a good thing to see things that push your buttons, grind your gears and even upset you. It sounds strange but it's true that it is always good to see where you own personal boundries are. We live in day-to-day comfort, sheltered from things that offend and hurt us. Every now and again its good to see things and think 'i am really not comfortable with that' because then you realise that you do have boundries.

Last night really showed the edge of my comfort zone. It really does stop at the abuse of animals.

It's all a matter of how you choose to look at things. In my act for example I do try and push people's buttons a little, no I dont slay anyone on-stage but some of the jokes are near the nuckle and in particular the fact that I have a staple gun shot in to my face - that is very much about allowing people to expeirence their own comfort zones.

Think about how people regularly choose to experience these 'edges' by goign on terrifying rides at theme parks, parachuting and even spending nights in terrifying places.

What pushes your buttons?

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