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5 Reasons Following Me on Twitter is Better Than Sliced Bread

Over 100 lovely people are following me on Twitter, in fact so many that it's better than sliced bread because;

1. It's the perfect procrastination. There's so much important work to be done but it's damned boring.
2. Tweet your time away and use the excuse the iron-clad excuse 'there just wasn't enough time to do everything I wanted today'.
3. Tip @ Two. Every day, starting this Monday I Tweet a Tip at 2:00pm (GMT) on some psychological tactics to use on friends and your boss.
4. You'll make friends twittering, caressing your fingers across a loaf of pre-cut bread isn't renowned for building relationships.
5. You'll be trendy. You'll quickly be mistaken for a someone who knows the ways of the modern world, all the cool kids are on Twitter - even Dean Hunt!!

So you have decided that follow me on twitter now? Click to Follow Kennedy On Twitter.

p.s. Tip@Two starts Monday...at 2

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