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My Numbers Up

It's a dream, you know when you're young and you're off out with your parents to 'Dad's Work Do'? You turn up in your best Garfield jumper and jeans, younger sister in a white dress with a bow. You're wearing your dad's after-shave and in you go.

You walk up the grand steps and in to the building. The room is enormous, the stage is colossal and the atmosphere buzzing.

The room is packed with party-goers all having a great time.

The entertainment starts, it's hillarious, everyone is cheering and having a ball. Then later the disco starts. you recall mum dancing to 'Baby Love' with women she's never met before but bitched about for years. Then the slow dance comes on and you see your mum and dad doing disgusting things that make you and sister alike want to puke.

I was 10 years old and that place stayed in my memory as somewhere I'd dream of performing. On May 1st this year I'm booked to do just that. The Lancastrian Suite in Dunston, Gateshead (near the metro-centre) and better still the second half of the show is my closest friend in the world, comedy hypnotist Robert Temple.

The bad news is...if we don't sell a further 200 tickets by Wednesday of this week we're cancelling the event. Yep. And myu childhood dream will be crushed.

Let's be frank now, you've been reading a few of these blogs now and you know how much performing means to me. The tickets are under a tenner and include supper, my show of psychological trickery and comedy, Rob hypnotising people and making you laugh until a little bit of wee comes out, and then a disco until the wee hours.

Like I say, I've dreamt of performing on that stage in that very room but that will be ripped from us if we don't sell 200 more seats before Wednesday.

Call 0191 460 53 53 to book now before we pull the plug.

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