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I May Be The First

Anyone else sick and tired of hearing the 'R' word? I'm sick of everything and everyONE being about recession and feeling like a pile of poop. So I've taken it upon myself to do something about removing that thought from your mind entirely.

Imagine the scene, me and my friend Rob are sitting in his farm-house kitchen, the smell of bacon still in the air from breakfast.

Suddenly we lean in and start discussing how we could possibly help everyone have a great time, leave their stresses firmly behind them and really relax during such tense times.

Here is the solution, but since we first announced it is filling up faster than Gordon Brown's pockets -

On May 1st Rob and I are putting on a show at the beautiful Lancastrian Suite here in the North East, the first half I'll pack with the mind-reading show that had Mars flying me to Budapest to perform, had P&G in stiches of laughter and Thompson Holidays crying when they found I wasn't available to re-book immediately after seeing it.

In the second half Rob will show you why he is the UK's freshest and busiest comedy stage hypnotist, and is booked sold until the end of the year. 60 minutes of side-splitting, hilarious hypnotic antics...and then we'll all have a dance to the disco until the wee hours where you can buy the pair of us pint upon pint of lager.

So if you want to get yourself, your family, friends and staff all out to have a really well deserved night-out, show them how much you appreciate them right now then please call 0191 460 53 53 to book your tickets (Mon-Fri, 9am-5:30pm).

OH but wait, surely it's going to be expensive, considering tickets for my shows are usually £20+ each? Well, this is about having a good time so you get all of that PLUS supper for £9.95...how amazing is that??

The Unforgettable Psychological Mind Reader

p.s. tickets are extremely limited and at such a fantastic price it's not wonder that they're selling out fast.
p.p.s. there are NO minimum party numbers, you could come on your own if you fancy, as a couple or book a table of 15 like some have already.

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