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Don't Make These 3 Mistakes When Asking Your Boss for a Pay Rise

You work your behind off don't you? A few extra pounds a month would help make things a little easier right now wouldn't it? You deserve a pay-rise, right?

Well if you're going to ask for a wage increase then you only really get one chance. Here's a few tips of what real people have done, thinking they'd get a pay-rise and...well, you guessed it, they received something quite different:

1. Loads More Sales. Just goes to show how narrow some bad managers are. Someone I know was a little strapped for cash. Working in direct tele-sales he thought he'd work super-hard for a month and then ask his boss for a wage increase. Boss' response..."you did it for a month already on that wage so you can keep doing it." Short sighted, I think so.

2. Sleeping with the Boss' wife (or husband). Talk about reverse psychology. A bloke from London right here in the UK, thought he would get 'close to the boss' wife' so that she would put in a good word for him. The result? Boss finds out, divorces her, fires the man and our bright young hero never sees his boss' wife again.

3. Singing in the workplace. In 2007 a woman decided she wanted to 'bring some Christmas cheer' in to her place of work in an attempt to super-size her winter bonus. After singing Christmas carols for just 30 minutes she was dismissed. But why...? (answers in the comments box below or tweet your answer @mindofkennedy)

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