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3 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Corporate Entertainment

The world is in plague. The economy. Swine flu. Jerry Springer. It's all going horribly wrong. Of course the first industry we might imagine gets hit is entertainment. In particular the corporate entertainment, must be having a tough time right? Nope and for 3 very important reasons.


The Problem: We need to make people happy. While the buddy they shared the desk with for the past 28 years packs his desk away into an old tea chest and an soap box, morale in many work-places could be low...low, low.

The Solution: Many sensible companies are realising that the staff who they have kept through these times must be working extremely efficiently. If their there are feelings of insecurity and uncertainty then the risk to their company is much greater. So they are putting on staff appreciation events on to show just how much they do appreciate every member of their team in seeing them through thesae tough times.


The Problem: There is a danger that in all this cutting back we stop the professional development of our staff. Of course the sensible are realising that the truth is that our fewer numbers need to be more highly skilled than ever. More flexibility. So training setting dyas aside for training is esential.

The Solution: Research has repeatedly shown that in order to have people participate in activies that are less thaty desireable we must dangle a carrot. One extremely effective method for this is the promise of a really great 'social' at the end of the day's training. It gives a great motivation to put immense effort in to the aquisition of these new skills.


The Problem: The entertainment we have should have a far greater perceived value than ever. Every pound and dollar counts right now.

The Solution: Passive forms of entertainment such as background musicians and other things people talk over and ignore can be placed on a back-burner. Instead, active, engaging entertainment should be chosen. For example a comedian who guests must stop and engage with. This kind of entertainment (I call active entertainment because we actively involve ourselves in) is seen as highly valuable and has been seen to last longer in our guests' memories.

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  1. So so true. You're right thatcorporate event entertainment that is active is more beneficial. Is it possible that corporate America could take on your wisdom?


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