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Sack the Mind Reader - he sucks

Okay - turns out for someone who can read people's minds, the skills aren't working remotely probably due to the lack of sleep at the moment.

In a blog post the other day I made a jest at 'magicians' about their jokes, suits etc and it upset some people. A friend of mine who I respect immensely dropped me a line to say that people were offended - I absolutely did NOT want that. The point of the post was to take the mic out of me and how some see what I do - spikey hair, a Derren Brown wannabe etc etc to dispel the myths around what I do.

So a genuine apology to anyone who was remotely offended by that, if it spoiled a second of your day or made you shake your head just once or tut please accept this total apology.

I love magic, of all kinds whether its with the mind, with the hands or on stage it's all incredible isn't it. We get to make people laugh, we get to shock and amaze them and so much more!

My sarcasm was not received and the thing was taken seriously, so I truly am sorry and have now deleted that post. Please do forward this to anyone so that I can put this right.

Cheers and good times!!!

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