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What AM I doing?

Its Saturday...today there are no shows in as I am off to a family party this evening. It wouldn't be unusual for me to be asked to perform 'a little something' during the course of the night so that will be fun.

I've been doing a lot of research as to why people hire me, because I think if I have a better understanding of why it is they hire me, what they like about working with me and what problems clients face then I will be of much greater service to them. So I have spent the day collating the information I've garnered over the past few to give me a broad picture of what I can be doing to help clients make their events all the more successful.

Also, in other news I have been pushing my passion of marketing to another level. As I am sure you are blissfully aware, I have been asked to fly to Budapest to speak for Mars (the chocolate company) about how to use marketing in the modern world where people hate being sold to. Marketing is a passion of mine, I think it's an essential skill for everyone and I thought, if I can point some more people in the right direction then that would make me feel really good. So I've started a new blog over at http://themodernmarketer.blogspot.com if marketing is something that interests you - if it's not then please stay here where we can talk about cabbage.

I don't like cabbage very much. Yes, that is all for today's update. I'm now going to take a nice long bath, wash my hair and start considering how to dress for the party tonight.

I shall speak to you on Monday - and I WILL try to push myself to do more video blogs as they seem to be very popular.

Kennedy :) (smily face eh??)

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