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Lots on - like LOADS

Hi there,
Blog posts have been a little on the thin side recently, that will be because of a combination of the phone ringing off the hook and I'm working on a few massive projects right now too.

Tonight I am trying out some new material and tomorrow I'll be off, off to a family party so very much looking forward to that. In the coming weeks I am hoping to break in a lot of brand new material that I have been tweaking for around 3 months. It's come to that stage when I can tweak no more. I've got to take it out there in front of a real life audience and see how they fair. This is when it gets really exciting.

New performance pieces will include a story, so I hope you're sitting comfortably. Also, I've been asked to speak at a few networking meetings so am fitting those events in to - even though they generally mean very early mornings. Getting out of bed at 6am is too much like hard work, so we'll see.

I'll also try and get some pics of Barcelona up here AND I am still working on a book that you might just love. It's nowhere near finished yet - I need to find some inspiration from somewhere. I'll let you know more when I can.

Do take care,

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