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Evening All

It's not all about me. This blog is kind of my way of giving you, people actually care just a little about me and what I'm doing, something else, something extra - an escape from the stresses and normal stuff you immerse yourself in.

I was wondering, what else would you like to see here? Would you like me to bring back the video casts? Do you like a blog every day or is it just too much for you to keep up with? What can I add to the blog to make it more fun for you, more useful even?

Please comment below on what it is you wish I could do, what you'd like to see here. I am excited to see how I can make this blog something you look forward too!!

Today I went for the nicest ice-cream in the world (my opinion). Delaval Ice Cream with pic 'n' mix candies mixed in! It was a taste sensation, sitting on the coast, looking at the sea and the sand not knowing whether I'd have to lick or chew the next piece of ice-cream. Exciting and sweet tasting, its been a good day!

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