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I'm Leaving You

Sorry but it's true. Tomorrow we fly to Barcelona and I doubt very much whether I will have web access during my trip. Working for two companies out there, Enviro-tech Europe and RJP over 6 days. Flight leaves at 9:10 tomorrow morning and we shall be in Barcelona by a little after midday (all things being well).

I am really looking forward to the trip trip because the first performance is going to be at 9:15am on Friday morning where my job is to wake them up and shake them up as their conference opens. I know that the organisers have some exciting announcements for their delegates and want them wide awake from the get-go.

The we'll stay in the hotel (www.grandmarinahotel.com) for another night befor eheading to Salou to see my friend Rodney Piper at his brand spanking new House of Illusion. It's a tourist hot-spot and I simply can not wait to entertain the holiday makers with a little piece of my mind.

I have been told that some internet access is available in Salou so perhaps I will be able to blog from there, I'll try and record some videos and get some pics too, that way you can live it along with me and see what I get up to. So here is preparing for the worst, if I can't post until wednesday - don't worry I haven;t jumped ship i'm just stranded and will be back with you as soon as humanly possible.

Until then, you take care, check out the hotel and wish me a happy and safe flight.


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