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Phew - I was right!

Yesterday I was hedging my bets against the odds as I went back to my home county of Northumberland. I performed at a community street celebration as the headlining act on a trailer stage - very new for me.

Yes I was terrified about how my show would be recieved by this kind of event audience, mine is the kind of show you have to sit, watch and listen to - I didn't know if this was going to happen. But heck it did and the show went down extremely well.

The highlights for me were meeting some amazing people from my home county and showing them what little ol' me has been up to while I've been traveling around the place.

However it was the finale of the show that had me most nervous. I attempted something that I haven't done in this way before - you see on Wednesday I had a grilling from the Sunday Sun newspaper. During the interview I showed the lovely journalist lady that I had written a prediction and she watched me seal the envelope and then signed the seal herself. Following that I took the envelope to a group of people in the Ashington community who were to guard the envelope, as well as signing it to make sure I couldn't switch it or do anything 'funny' with it.

So Thursday and Friday I was extremely nervous as the time grew near and the headlines I thought would appear on those days were completely diferent. Then on Saturday when the young man who was in charge of the envelope confirmed his signature and the seal of the envelope were still in tact, and that no one has been permitted any kind of access to it - he opened the envelope and took out a piece of paper that had my own mangled handwriting (i try hard) describing the headlines in that very day's Journal Newspaper.

I stood and looked really cool on the outise, but inside I was doing the Hamster Dance.

Anyway, that is yesterday's update - speak tomorrow!!


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