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There's a Banana on my Blog!

What?? There really is a banana on my blog right here but what the heck has that got to do with anything? Well, my favorite scent in the world is Pineapple but my favourite fruit is the banana so I want to find the nicest looking banana! Am I crazy? Have I lost the plot? Am I smoking something that I shouldn't be? Yes, I'm crazy and I probably lost the plot a while ago but no I haven't been smoking anything, ugh I don't wanna smell like a dirty old ashtray!

Introducing: Banana of the Week! THIS is what it's all about. I want you to send me your pictures of bananas, and each week I'll judge the best banana and stick it up as Banana of the Week. The pic will come along with a link to your blog, website, myspace or whatever. It starts right now and you can email your bananas to banana@mindofkennedy.co.uk - PLEASE don't send any other mail, photos of anything other than bananas, nothing rude or anything else either to that email address - just your bananas and your website/blog address!

You CAN send me:
- Picture of fantastic bananas
- Bananas in unusual places
- Pics of you with your banana
and pretty much any other weird or whacky way you want to make yourself TOP BANANA!

Happy banana-ing,
Top Banana

p.s. my hypnosis show on Saturday night went down a storm and one guy is still being called Nancy even now.

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