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1 Big Reason We're all Stupid

We all do silly things, things without a reason and often we try and create a reason after the fact to satisfy our rational minds. We've all heard the example of cutting yourself and then it's not until you realise and see the blood that you begin to feel the pain. That's a common one, but another example of a silly thing we do for no reason is something I did just this afternoon.

I was making some lunch and decided to cook sausage casserole (lovely!!). I pre-head the oven - domesticated man alert!!! - and layed the sausages on a metallic tray. The oven was at the right temperature so a put on the oven gloves, opened the oven door and lifted the sausages in to the oven before closing the door and setting the timer. Seem logical to you? It did to me and then I thought - DOH, I'm so stupid. And perhaps you've done this too?

WHY on earth did I wear oven gloves to lift the sausages IN to the oven. The tray and sausages were cold so there was absolutely no reason what-so-ever to do that, I just did it without thinking.

The real reason is probably something to do with the fact our minds connect 'oven' with heat and that with 'burning' and pain. So it is an automatic muscle response to adorn the gloves.

Interesting how our minds work really, and it always happens when we relax and aren't thinking about it.

Have a great day,

1 comment:

  1. silly Kennedy :P

    Keep up the vlogging. I will make sure to send you a banana by the way!


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