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A Change of Mind

Good afternoon. Sunny skies with a nice cool breeze here in the north of England. Working on a few projects at the moment, as soon as they confirm I'll announce them - don't want to curse them before they're ready. Tonight will be doing something that I haven't done in a long while. I've been asked to perform a comedy hypnosis show.

I used to do these but quickly fell out of love. For me hypnosis is about control and the hypnotist feeling controlling and I am not at all interested in that. It's also about making people look stupid - no matter how you sugar coat it, that's what a comedy hypno show does. Which is something else I am against. However in the light of boredom and that fact Ive been requested specifically I will grin through it and give everyone a good time this evening I hope.

In the show tonight we can expect to see people forgetting things like their names and then me replacing those memories with false information. Which is not too humiliating and still falls under my Master of the Mind title - so its a little bit out of my comfort zone, hey ho if we don't step outside then what is the point?

Recently I have had a bunch of enquiries from people who were afraid to book my regular show through a fear that I would hypnotise people. So I have had some changes made on the website to reflect that I don't hypnotise anyone at all usually.

Tomorrow there will be No blog but on Monday I will reflect on how tonight goes and FINALLY explain the banana!

You have a great weekend,

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