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No News is Good News...

You've heard the saying that no news is good news. This is not the case for the frequent blogger. I have no news and nothing worthy of your time to blog about. So yes, you have just wasted your time reading this and I'm sorry.

The only thing that did happen today was I had to go to see the nurse to have her pulse some water in to my ears. When I thought my hearing was back to normal we had revenge of the super wax. Almost total deafness. Today's appointment was half successful too.

I was pretty nervous because there is a risk of permanent damage to the ear drum when your ears are syringed - aka you can end up totally deaf. My right ear was a roaring success and I can hear absolutely everything - the left ear however decided that it didn't want to play the game. The wax is holding fast to the inside of my skull, sexy! So I'm back to see the nurse in a fortnight.

There you have it, glamor and glitz! Btw the image is just for me to show off that resort in Crete a bit more!

More tomorrow,

1 comment:

  1. Have fun hypnotising the locals. I'll be onstage doing it here at about the same time as you! haha..

    Take care buddy,
    Robert Temple


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