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Blowing Cold

Yesterday I started talking about how we do silly things that make no sense because of a belief our mind holds. Here is another example of this kind of response. I am sure you have either done it yourself, or know someone who has - blown on an ice cream. You've put it in your mouth and it's too cold so you blow on it. WHY? Because our brains get confused and find it very difficult to determine the difference between extreme heat and extreme cold. That makes sense because we know that we can receive burns from both extremes.

A few months back we were in Belfast and visited the W5 Interactive Discovery Centre. Among the motion activated dinosaurs who follow you around the room, seemingly watching your every step there was an incredible experiment related to this very phenomenon of temperature. There were 4 rows of metal bars. 2 of them were moderately warm, the other two were cold. However if you place your hand across the two of them it felt VERY hot. That said, it could never burn you. VERY interesting.

In my shows I use these quirks of the mind to my advantage, hence I am sharing them with you here. Anyway, I hope that you are well. Tomorrow I will be making an announcement that i think you will enjoy. Speak then!


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