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Something I was Hiding

This is not today's official post, that is on it's way later. You will notice that I have been recording the last few blog posts all at once and sending them out to you day-by-day and there is a reason for this that I am ready to share with you now.

You may have noticed a slight change in my videos since the third video I posted on spotting liars. Some people emailed me asking what had happened to my voice so thanks for your concern. Basically my voice was not the problem. Only now am I shaking off the last of an ear infection that caused me to be completely deaf in my right ear.

So I couldn't hear my own voice properly hence I may have sounded weird. I recorded the videos for last weekend and the following few days all at once because I was unsure whether I would have to go in to hospital for an operation, but wanted to still keep feeding you addiction to my tips. So they were recorded between spats of me swearing profusely in pain.

Also you may have noticed the bags under my eyes because of the lack of sleep I had been getting. Thankfully, last night I had a wonderful night's sleep and am feeling almost 100% again. Anyway, just thought you deserved to know what was happening, I'll stick the next video online just before midday today.

Until then, take care and thanks!


1 comment:

  1. dean hunt10:52 am

    sorry to hear that, get well soon.


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