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Getting Out of Bed is the Key

I had never been to Blackpool - well not in the summer at least. The only time i had been was to the international magician's convention which is held in February. So there was a show in Blackpool and we made a mini weekend of it. The weather was incredible, no fog, no rain just blissful sunshine - what a great way to escape.

While there I got to thinking about success and what it is so I have recorded some more strategies for success which will come to you over the next few days and then we'll take a u-turn in to a completely different subject area.

I look forward to speaking to you tomorrow, remember to take some action right now otherwise you never will - and post your thoughts, ideas and comments below.


  1. Anonymous10:59 am

    great in theory, but people may be tired, and therefore spend 1 hour being totally unproductive, thus losing 30 mins on the people that got some good sleep.

  2. Great observation and I totally agree, thats why in the next post I am going to show you how to use that hour to become a master.

    As with all of this stuff, it works for many and there are some it wont work for. We have to be truthful and honest about it and if people want to get up early and not do anything with that extra time then hey, they will fail.

    Success is a mind-set and if in your mind you are saying 'i;m too tired you will be. I'll talk more about this thought = reality later in the week. Its something I am a HUGE fan of.

    Thanks for your comment, love it!


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