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We're talking about persuasion skills, psychology and other things to stroke my ego. Comments are encouraged without any need to register, so go ahead and stroke me...

Let Me Play...With Your Mind

Today's video blog is an interactive mind game. Sit back and enjoy!



  1. I thought of Paris ! I was thinking of something to do with Paris aswell like you told me too but nothing came of that??

  2. Thanks Amy,
    The reason I asked you to do that was in order to make image more solid in your mind. Thanks for playing!
    More on the way...
    p.s. join my facebook look for me my name is Kennedy LeMage!

  3. Anonymous2:54 am

    rubbish, didn't work for me. none of the things on here work.

  4. I'm sorry to hear that, not all of these will work for everyone all the time. We're dealing with psychology and there are so many factors I cant control such as how busy your mind is, the environment you are in, age and gender can often effect these things. But for the majority the things I am sharing WILL work and you will be surprised.


  5. Anonymous7:44 pm

    was it paris because you clicked your fingers three times? or was it anything to do with that?

  6. Anonymous8:22 pm

    also was it something to do with the loss of eye contact when you say paris?

  7. Anonymous9:50 am

    yes, i was thinking of paris xD


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