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Late but in the Meantime

Today's video blog post will be posted late. Technical issues, but in the meantime I thought I would tell you about the show I went to see on Saturday night and how it compared to the massive movie Mama Mia, which is out in cinemas right now - which I went to see yesterday.

The show Tess was in all last week was called Boogie Nights. It was a 70s style musical with all the classics in there including Play That Funky Music and the YMCA and pretty much everything else in between. I was nervous about seeing it because this 'feel good' 'party' musical really is not my thing.

I was hugely impressed. Massively. The sets were amazing, the cast on a whole were excellent, the music sounded lovely and the energy was excellent. As you can probably guess from watching yesterday's video I was underwhelmed by the leading man and in truth the leading woman looked out of her depth.

I know I mentioned this yesterday but arrogance is dangerous. The main problem with arrogance is that you often believe you are better, or being perceived as far better than you are. Which is a shame. The lead 'couple' came across as insecure through their arrogance and the audience commented on it throughout. I prefer people to be sincere.

Overall, I loved the show, even though the leads were carried by the supporting cast - who were excellent. The show was an all round great night out that certainly left everyone with a smile on their faces.

So Sunday Tess was on that whole come down from performing so we had decided to go and see the new musical movie Mamma Mia. Of course a musical that has been on London's west end for what seems a long time now, I've walked past the theatre many times and its looked like a great night out.

The move was a let down. Just tenuous links to songs, combined with overacting on behalf of almost every member of the cast. People who I often praise were awful including Mery Streep who was just awful. The leading girl looked like she was on acid with her inability to act. The only saving grace that kept me from walking out was Julie Walters. She shines. Her honesty and genuine charm shines through.

Its up there with the worst movies of the year. Disappointing.
Anyway, this is not a review blog but I hate not posting until later so needed to hare something with you.
I WILL speak to you later, and to make up for it I'll make it an interactive fun piece...brownies honour.

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