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How To Use Your BUTT as an Eraser

Like the thief with the lardy ass, you too can rub out the footprints you leave behind with your but and in today's video blog I am going to share with you the secret use of the word 'but' that allows me to get what I want out of people and have them happy to do it. A great tool for motivating people, for discipline and for really damaging them too.

I think its almost time for a hair cut, so that is a job for next week.

Of course if you know anyone who is looking for an after dinner entertainer or a speaker do point them in my direction.


1 comment:

  1. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Loving the Kennedy Catch Up!

    It's strange, I never noticed that before but you are totally right! The amount of times i've done that or had things said to me like that..and I never really noticed or wondered why... makes you think!



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