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Yesterday I took the 5 hour trip to Banbury (not to be confused with that shocking checkered chav brand of clothing) and today I made the same journey home. En route home my cab was late picking me up from the hotel, then they charged me an additional £10 on top of the fair for calling them out. It was touch and go whether I'd make the train on time. Scheduled for 9:53, I arrived in to the station at 9:55. Luckily the train was running late and pulled in at 9:57 so I made it.
The life of Riley I lead, but I love the antics and apparently you like reading about them, so thanks for that.
While in my room this morning I recorded today's blog video:

Your Favourite Mind Reader (I am, aren't I???)
P.S. My beloved Tess is on stage this week at the Phoenix Theatre in Blyth, Northumberland in a fantastic 70s music-filled production of Boogie Nights. If you're in the area between now and this Saturday there are some seats still available...go now to their website to book your seats.

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  1. Yes - we are a really nice bunch of folks!

    We all enjoyed your antics - and you picked some good people as your "targets".

    Looks like you were a couple of rooms away from me - yes, the view was great... and no doubt, your taxi got a little lost on the way... even sat nav got confused.

    Now for the plug - unsolicited!

    If you've not yet seen Kennedy - book him!! Yes, he does look like Rhiddian from x-factor, and yes, I'd ask him from proof of age if he was buying a can of Diamond White cider from me.... but his show was really funny - not too near the knuckle - and well suited to a mixed group...

    David Clark
    Snapping Sam


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