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I Want Your Whoppers

I do want them and I want them right here right now. You see we all lie, sometimes we tell whopping great lies, other times its tiny little fibs, white lies - whatever the hell you call them its dishonest.

But lies can be fun, and I want to hear about your biggest and bestest lies. The kind of lies where its just spiraled out of control, where you've tied yourself in knots. I want to hear about the funniest, strangest, craziest lies. Every last gory detail.

It is just for fun, but to add to the excitement, in a month's time I will send the author of the best lie a copy of my DVD.

Yes my big whopping lie will be appearing here very soon, bt right now think of the best lie you ever told, you got away with, you got caught out on - type the whole story as a comment below and feel the Karma flood back in to your life!

OR BE SUPER COOL and make a video or audio recording of your 'whopper'!!!

Do it now:

Professional Liar

p.s. remember every last detail and tell us, I cant wait to see what you come up with.

p.p.s you can sign it with your own name or a fake one (after all you already lied once)



  1. Anonymous11:41 am

    Beware this comes with a warning, if you are easily offended don't read any further. As regards your request for lies, lies and more lies. After much research, experts have now determined the 3 most used lies in the world. 1, I'm going to the pub, I'll only be five minutes. 2, There's a cheque in the post. and finally number 3,I promise I won't come in your mouth.

  2. I once told someone that, as I have an Irish heritage, my family was the first cocaine-dealing family in Ireland. And they believed me!

  3. Lol, my friend logged into the school computer with his log in. I 'looked away' whilst he typed his password.

    Later in the day I logged into his account in front of a bunch of people, convincing them I had guessed his password.
    Nothing to exciting but everyone was convinced I was an amazing guesser.

  4. Simon D12:09 pm

    I actually used the 'dog ate my home-work' excuse in school and got away with it.

  5. Anonymous2:02 pm

    Ive done the typical "yeah ive got a tummy bug" to get out of college/school many a time!
    Have lied to my parents many a time about where ive been when i havent come home "I stayed at Beccas house" dont think i really need to spell out where i really was haha
    I remember when i was really young, telling a teacher a boy had given me a chinese burn when he hadnt, just cos i didnt like him. He got into alot of trouble for that one, im sure his parents were brought in. oops.
    Also lied to my mum yesterday when she asked me if i had been to MacDonals.....

  6. Anonymous2:46 pm

    I once lied about my age to a guy I really fancied, I told him I was a year older than I actually was. It seemed to turn out ok though because he ended up being my finace...but I still couldn't find a way to tell him, until it cam to my 18th, which he thought was 19th...that is when the truth came out! It was ok though because he found it inside himself to forgive me.The only thing he asked was that I wouldn't ever lie again, but then a certain DVD was due back and I forgot to take it back...so I just said it was back...but then it spiralled out of control also until it came and bit me on the behind. So we got through that one also. But then I lied again...and again...and again...and he knows what I am on about. So the reason I am doing this is to show him that I am sorry, and that I'm doing everything I can to put things right and stopping telling fibs, no matter how big or small they may be.
    So hopefully he will read this and know it is me writing this. And know that I love him with all my heart and I'm sorry.

  7. Just remembered another one....

    A few years ago I convinced my best friend i that I'm an albino even well I'm not. I told him I dyed my hair and wore colored contact lenses so I wouldn't get bullied.


  8. Once I put on my girlfriend's stockings when she was at work in the city. They spit as I took them off. They were expensive and I hadn't time to replace them so I let her blame her sister, it ended in a massive brawl and they still don't speak to this day because of it.
    I don't have the courage to tell her after all this time, but feel the guilt piling up inside me every day.

  9. Not Alex3:30 pm

    I once slept with this mind reader's girlfriend, then just didn't tell him. I can't believe I've left it drag on for so long. Oh well :|

  10. franklea3:47 pm

    After failing to gain interview for 3 jobs within city council I completed the ethnic form by claiming to be asian instead of white british, I then got an interview and the job.

  11. Years & years ago I told some mates I got a hugh black eye and split lip from a fight with 3 lads - truth is I turned quickly into a door jam, got a right shiner - my mates spent weeks trying to track the non existant culprits down:(

  12. Matthew Shepherd4:51 pm

    I once put bubble bath in the school pond and killed all the fish. Blamed it on a kid called Michael Ratcliffe and he got expelled...... still kinda feel bad about that! (Not too bad though cos Michael was a right twat, he used to bully me for being a "devil worshiper" because of course everyone knows if you listen to Metallica you instantly start worshiping the Devil despite if you're religious or not - sorry i digress!)

  13. I once convinced a friend that I was so super-intelligent that I made a living by selling my DNA to genetic engineers who wanted to create the world's most perfect person. I know I should have pulled the plug after the first hour, but I just couldn't help myself!


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