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Poor Kennedy

Since I started working full time as a mind reader, psychological magician or whatever crazy title you give to what I do I have never taken a single day off. Even Christmas day I have been known to write adverts, contracts and check emails. It seems that its caught up with me.

For the first time ever I have taken 2 days off, yesterday and today. I woke up yesterday with a really terrible headache and then quickly rushed to the bathroom to vomit. See show biz is not all glam all of the time. I have been unable to move from my bed until just now and am really upset that for the first time ever, i have had to get someone to fill in for me at my three shows tonight.

I hate the fact that these clients have booked me and I wont be turning up, although they have been very understanding and I am sure my replacement will do very well. All the same i makes me unhappy. That said, this is the first moment i've been able to sit up since 5am yesterday so there is no way i'd be able to get through my comedy act 3 times tonight without running off (probably blindfolded) to locate the nearest gentleman's room. Not good.

I am excited about 2008, and hope that i can go for another 5 years without illness, its a good record to hold. The year ahead has some exciting projects and I will let you know just as soon as they are confirmed.

On the 8th of January i'm off to Hanbury Manor Hotel in ware, Hertfordshire to perform for a client and am very much looking forward to that.

Off back to rest now, best thoughts for 2008!

Comedy Mind Reader and Psychological Magician

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