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It Was Unconscious...Honestly

Being a PSYCHOLOGICAL magician and having an interest in human behaviour I tend to over-analyse everything.

This morning my alarm was set for the typical time of 6:00am. I remember waking up and checking the time. It was 3:30am. Back to sleep I sank. Deep.

The next time i remember checking the time it was 7:10am. But how is that possible, the alarm was set. The clocks were right.

Apparently the alarm went off at 6am as it was supposed to. I sat straight up, regimental style, grumbled and turned the thing off before nipping back to sleep. Thing is I don't remember a thing of it!

Was this my subconscious saying 'you need more sleep' and doing the right thing for me? Or was it something else?

Very strange. In all honesty with all the stress going on here at Kennedy Towers to get the new shiny website ready for a week's time. That's right a week today and I hope to present you with the new all singing, all dancing mind of kennedy website.

I know it's long over-due but hey we've been working on designs and ideas for 3 months now. Just the finishing touches now.

Well, I fly to Belfast at 7am tomorrow to will say g'bye for now.

Your favourite mind reader and psychological magician...probably.

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