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Some Help Please


It's Sunday evening and I'm working on a devious little scheme where...well you'll understand better when you finish watching this video:

See you soon...

- Kennedy
P.S. I'm working hard on getting things ready to do the LIVE event and the weekly show. I'll keep you informed :)


  1. Hi Kennedy, So sorry I have been laid low with migraine over the weekend. Keep trying to shake it off, but no way is it going.

    Here are a couple of questions that I would like to know the answers to - hope you'll agree.

    Looking forward to meeting up with you soon.

    Keep on being extreme and totally brilliant!

    Love, xxx Diana

    1) How do you actually feel when you orchestrate control or suggestion over the actions of others: do you feel it comes from a dark side of your own character?

    2) Do you at any time use your powers of persuasion off the stage to your own advantage or to further your career?

  2. Anonymous11:49 pm

    Is it reel or do da people fake it and do the things anyway?

  3. Anonymous12:43 am

    1) do you get a kick out of have that much control over some one?

    2) how does touching some one and simply saying the word 'sleep' instantly change that person state of mind?

    3) do you ever get the feeling that some people are just faking it? if so how do you deal with it?

  4. What does Rob think of today's revelation from David Knight, hypnotist, who says he has an 85% success rate of increasing the size of ladies breasts through hypnosis?

  5. Anonymous10:30 am

    Response to your inspiration for questions:

    Question 1:

    What did he think of the recent Derren Brown TV show, where Derren 'apparently' hypnotised a 'stooge' (sorry, unsuspecting member of the public) to withdraw £5000 from his own bank account and hand it over to Derren, then forget he'd even done it?
    Does he welcome that kind of stunt as 'positive publicity' which makes hypnotists appear powerful & mystical, with powers that can be used for the 'dark side'?

    Question 2:

    What is it about an ordinary person under a hypnotic trance, that makes them strut around on a stage, clucking like a chicken while sucking a lemon. Is it because they really are 'attention seekers' lapping up their moment of fame? Or is it because the skill and powers of the hypnotist are such that they can make 'anyone' do it! Even someone like Simon Cowell?

    - Karl

  6. Positive mental attitude and positive thinking has always attracted mixed media/medical responses, does Rob think that hypnotism could play an active part in helping people stay focussed on their goals especially in tough economic times?

  7. Hi Kennedy, Just one more I would like to sneak in.

    Q) Would he dare hypnotise a leading politician to either confess to misleading the public, or try to change the mindset of a political leader to 'DO' the right thing?

  8. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Ask him this...

    Can you admit to all of us now that hypnosis is fake. That everyone one the stage is just going along and playing the part just to get a laugh? Are you honest enough to admit that to the general public and to your peers?
    Craig M

  9. Anonymous2:13 pm

    Ask Him if he has ever taken advantage of someone sexually while they are under his control haha

  10. Haha... despite this unexpected ploy of yours I had a great day again today matey!!

    Cheers for that.. hopefully the viewers will enjoy the results of the "grilling"!

    Speak soon,
    R x



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