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We're talking about persuasion skills, psychology and other things to stroke my ego. Comments are encouraged without any need to register, so go ahead and stroke me...


Be prepared to see a man on the edge of sanity in today's installment. Enjoy today's news and the Feature where we continue the discussion about Rapport - you'll even hear some German lingo.


  1. Interesting Mr K,
    We cant change what happens to us only how we react to it. Reminds me of a story of a boy who gets only a pile of poo for Xmas - he says to his parents "with this much sh*t there's got to be a pony here somewhere!"

  2. Diana Wyatt3:45 pm

    Kennedy, my darling; I enjoyed this so much. I was laughing my head off and taking in every word you said at the same time - you are amazing - what an orator: you should go into politics.
    I have been in PR and Media all my working life and held many seminars in both Publicity & Marketing, and found out that the actual
    'delivery of your topic' was absolutely crucial - humour combined with intelligence are winners every time. You have this in bundles. Expertly done: a fan and supporter always. XXX Diana

  3. Great video! In my work as a comedy hypnotist, the ability to rapidly build great rapport with someone is crucial.

    I need them to "know, like and trust me" if I'm going to have any chance of hypnotizing them.

    Thanks for this mate!

    Robert Temple


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