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Hancock Museum, Full Review

You look back at your childhood and remember fond memories of school trips. One of mine was of the Hancock Museum, Newcastle.

The museum has been closed for refurbishment for a long while, until recently. Today I excitedly bound up the stone steps to see what excitement lay in wait. After all, the TV adverts and all the billboards had built up one hell of an experience and day out.

Well the whole thing was disappointing, and that seemed to be the feeling for almost every patron in the building. Tyne and Wear Museums have obviously been living in the prehistoric ages for far to long. Here's a quick breakdown of the terrible experience today:

1. Lack of innovation. The world has so much technology available to us now. Look at the incredible Dinosaurs Live event presented by the Walking With Dinosaurs people that is on tour right now. It's incredible. That's how Hancock should have done it.

Instead we have the same old bones to walk round. No thought, no use of the modern world. It's as if the technology hadn't evolved in the time the place was closed.

2. Glass Cases. Yes the natural environment of every tiger, buffalo and giraffe? No thought appears to have been applied to how to display these otherwise ordinary animals, stuffed and piled high to the ceiling.

3. 'I've seen a sheep before and it was a real one' for some reason we had to venture all the way from Northumberland to the Hancock to see a stuffed replica of a sheep. Oh and not forgetting the seagulls.

4. Same cack. It seems that the Hancock also decided that we all need to see the same relics of the Egyptian era that they stocked years ago. The same ones that are as intimate in the text books because, although many are replicas...once again they're behind glass cases.

5. 'Free my arse...' to quote a man I overheard today. The posters clearly display how the whole thing is a free attraction. They lure you in and guess what? The star attraction, the Planiterium is not so free at all.

Overall...I had the option of watching my sister paint my Neice's bedroom wall. Watching her use a new air brush would have been more stimulating, used more intellect and generally would have been more fun. A total waste of a day. I must point out that I really tried to enjoy it.

Harry Potter was good though. Go and see then walk straight past the Hancock (not to Great Tyne and Wear) Museum.

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