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A favour please...

Had a few problems and would appreciate your feedback. Basically if you have a moment to spare, pop to http://www.mindofkennedy.co.uk and using the comments box below - tell me is the layout alright on your screen? It should look like the image opposite.

Appreciate your feedback. More blogging soon. Just getting things sorted out here.


P.S. thanks for all the birthday wishes :)


  1. Anonymous10:42 am

    Hi. It looks fine but not exactly like image shown. The red 'wallpaper' style borders are far bigger. Glen.

  2. Works fine in Firefox 3.5, In Opera 10 the Last news section is side by side with the picture for Dramatically Improve As a Speaker book, in IE 6
    everthing from
    Mind Mastery
    R E S O U R C E S
    down is below everything else and your third coloumn is completely empty. Works fine in Google Chrome 2.0

  3. The page looks fine, although the wallpaper borders are larger.

    The only other issue is that Latest News in the right column has been moved aside by Dramatically Improve As A Speaker, as bluefold mentions for Opera 10.

    I'm using IE7.

  4. DeadHaunted2:04 pm

    It looks perfect to me Kennedy! Tried it with IE 8.0 and also Safari 4.0

  5. Yeap, everything adds up, but I can't stop thinking if this was a trap to visit your website.
    Smarty Kennedy and all, I'm onto you since you reccomended influence.
    Jokes aside, nice stuff. Gets me thinking on making myself a website.


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