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How This Wedding Created Cringes: Seeing Was Believing

The wedding party at Matfen Hall in Northumberland last night didn't know what was in-store for them when they invited me to perform during the evening reception.

The show kicked off at 8:30 and had everyone in the room, even the kids sitting forward in their chairs and laughing their frocks off.

I realised very quickly that thinking on my feet is something I've learned to do over the past few years of live performance as any slightly risqué jokes had to be modified to play over the heads of the small number of children there.

The finale of the show where staple guns are fired at my head had women cringing and men bracing themselves, faces covered. Down tot he final 2 guns, one loaded with staples and the other empty I had convinced myself that I'd gotten it wrong.

Standing there centre stage, I was wondering how it would feel to have an industrial staple fired in to my face. The woman pulled the trigger and BANG...

I was fine. Sometimes we just have to trust ourselves.

The applause resonated around the room as the show ended and the number of people wanting to speak with me afterwards was phenomenal.

It just goes to show that by adding some unique, exciting entertainment to something like a wedding, really can make an incredible difference to how everyone remembers your big day.


  1. Ha ha, what made you come up with firing staples at your head?

  2. Good stuff. :-)

    I've done a booking at matfen hall =]



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