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There Are Only 25 Letters in the Alphabet

I'm serious about this. I've been spending a lot of time thinking. I must take after my Dad for that, he's always getting in to trouble for 'thinking too much'. Bless him.

Do you not agree that there is one letter of the alphabet too many? That we cold do with just 25 letters instead of 26? After much thought (there's that thinking) I have come to the conclusion that we could operate perfectly well without the letter 'x'.

I'd like to know if you can come up with a single way that our language would suffer if we didn't have it. Think about the word in the children's Letters Book we use. We learn 'a is for apple' and 'b is for ball'. 'x is for xylophone'. Really? I reakon we could replace the letter 'x' with a 'z' in this case. In most cases this little letter can be substituted with the letters 'cs'.

For example the lovely chocolate biscuit Twix. Twics would sound the same. X-ray would be Ecsray. In fact we'd elimenate a lot of hyphens too. I cant think of a single example of a word that just woudn't work if this letter was made extinct.

Any ideas?


  1. Ox???

    It wouldnt look as cool as 'ocs'

  2. Cambridge and oxford university would have to use cocks instead of a cox in their boat races... yeah lets do it, get rid of the letter 'x' it'll be a right larf!!!

  3. michelle4:59 pm

    x is a personal favorite and besides what would happen to "x-rated"? Or even better/worse "xxx rated"?


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