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Psychic Beating

I receive a lot of mail asking whether what I do is 'real'? It's a strange one because you are intelligent enough to realise that when I am performing I am not really reading anyone's minds. In the same way when I make a prediction I am not seeing in tot he future. After all, if that were my ability I'd be using it for far more devious things than entertaining at events.

So what do I think of 'real' psychics? The truth be known I detest them and everything they stand for. I believe I'm using the self same techniques as them only I'm doing so much more honestly than they are.

Many of them, rather than telling fortunes and relaying detailed stories from people's pasts are simply regurgitating a trolly-load of generic statements which anyone and everyone will find ways to make fit their own lives and experiences. It is not this that infuriates me.

The most infuriating thing about these people who claim to see the future is the fact they prey on the vulnerable. I wouldn't mind them spouting their lies and deception if they were just talking to every-day people but the fact that they use their skills on those who are suffering bereavement is just sad and to be honest should be illegal.

A man rightly gets arrested if he takes advantage of a lady on a night out if shes under the influence of some kind of drug. The reason for this is that she is not actually able to give consent to the act. The same is true for a psychic giving readings for those who morn their loved ones. They are at risk and emotions exposed.

I'm really on my high horse about this one as its near and dear to my heart. Here's a video of a psychic being exposed...EXCELLENT:


  1. Anonymous6:38 am

    You're right it was EXCELLENT! She should be doing time for that. Liam
    (Nice to see Randi again.)

  2. Anonymous7:06 pm

    A Pyschic by nature tries to suggest they can bring some permanent benefit to the unsuspecting.
    False promise for profit is their game.
    They give you the creeps.
    Steer clear!


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