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Kennedy the Keynote Speaker

As you've probably noticed, I have been pushing the after dinner speaking side of my work recently. I really enjoy taking the skills I have learned in both psychology and in creating engaging presentations to address subjects that are at the core of business needs.

I've been receiving a bunch of emails from people asking what on earth this "Keynote Speaker or After Dinner Speaker all about," so I thought rather than continue answering each message separately I will address is here for all to see.

As you will know, companies large and small around the world hold conferences, training days and dinners to focus staff of all levels on to a specific subject or matter. After a full day's training with senior managers or HR staff on this topic it is a great idea to have a professional after dinner or keynote speaker come in and pull the day together.

WHY? There are a bunch of reasons that organisations (of all sizes) have identified the need for having this external speaker. The first is that a professional keynote speaker will bring a whole host of skills to the 'party' that might otherwise be over-looked. Since he (or she) is coming in to the company from an outside perspective their account of the subject matter will be different.

Often when we work in a business we are too 'close' to it and it's functions to see things objectively. A professional keynote speaker brings that wider perspective in to play.

Another major function of having a professional come in and consolidate particular themes is the background and experience in transforming even the most mundane of topics in to exciting, humerus and fascinating insights. For example I have a keynote speech I deliver on Team Building.

Team work has been talked about until it's coming out of most executive's ears. I guarantee you it has never been addressed in the way I approach it. Literally getting inside of each other's minds and knowing what they're thinking.

Team Work is just one of the more obvious themes of my presentations, you can bet your bottom dollar that a good keynote speaker will be able to bring a unique approach to almost any topic. Just the way I did when I was asked to show high-school kids how EXCITING algebra is. Yes, it's possible.

I hope that makes things a lot more clear on the whole speaking front.


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