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What a Div

I've been away again, how very inconsistent of me, I'm sorry. Things have been a little intense here with families and work I just haven't had time to get on here to say hello.
However to make up for it I am going to make a commitment to you. From February 1st I am going to post every day. Every single day Monday to Friday I will be here to update you on whatever the heck I have been up to, stories, insights and all things Kennedy.

What has been happening that has taken so much of my time? Well dinner with friends has been a major part of the new year. Tess and I have decided that it will be a major feature of 2009.

You see 2008 promised to be two thousand and GREAT. I had a great time and made some incredible leaps forward to where I want to be in my life and career. However 2009 is two thousand and MINE. (Thanks to Andy Irvine). This year is about letting go. It's about you and making sure that you are doing what it is you want.

We love going out for dinner with friends. So this year we will be doing more of that. We want to travel to the USA, so we will be doing that. It's about making this year, two thousand and mine.

So - set yourself some great, totally selfish tasks, achievements and things you want to do and just make sure that your focus this year is on them. This is the year of YOU.

More soon.

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