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I have the answer but do YOU have the question?

Im not known for being the run of the mill. In fact I'm the polar opposite and today I thought I'd help you bury your wee head in the sand while the economy around us continues to look like the finale of a game of Jenga.

So imagine this, i've grown a beard, a long grey one. I have furry bushy eye brows the size of slugs and I sit behind a table in the local pub. From my face comes the voice of Edna Burch from Coronation Street telling you to settle down as its pub quiz.

Normal pub quiz involves me askin' a question - and you scribbing down the answers. Today is different. Below is the answer - I want to know the question. It's back to front. The funnier, stranger and more whacky the question the better.

So what question did I ask to elicit the response:

"it seemed like a good idea at the time James"


p.s. remember to pass it on to everyone you know - and use the links below to share it around a bit.

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