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Credit Crunch?

Everyone I speak to is worried about this thing we keep hearing about called the Credit Crunch. Recession causes depression and the truth it is it almost entirely manufactured by the press. After all, they've been dying to have something (anything!!) to write about for years, and in between slating celebrities they have gotten their teeth in to the financial situation and are now causing most of the mess we find ourselves in.

The press say 'we're in a recession' and we stop buyin, freezing up the economy. It's a self fulfilling profficy. So what can we do? Well we've just booked up to spend much of Christmas in London, seeing shows, shopping and having a great time. THAT is what people need, they need to escape the 'real' world where the world economy rules, and submerge ourselves in glorious festivities.

So do yourself a favour, realise that right now your staff, your friends - everyone you know and meet - is feeling low, so if you want to get more out of them, give them an escape, make this year's Christmas party a special one - one that will make everyone forget about whatever the heck is going on outside.

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