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Blackpool Baby!

Back again to the blog - I was waiting to here back from the organisers of Saturday night's event in Blackpool.
I was at the Winter Gardens performing as part of the most extravagant Halloween party I have ever seen. 6 rooms all fitted out in ghostly fashion, one even had a full installation ghost train with live actors!!!
Mad. I was performing on the main stage for 600 or so people who sat nicely around those large circular banqueting tables. But this weekend I was not my usual self. Not at all in fact. For the first time in 8 years I was out there with hair that had not a single spike to it. Yes that picture really is of me, in my get-up.
In retrospect I look part drag-queen, part dead Victorian (which was the aim) but none the less it's an image I am quite pleased with and am considering putting a specialist act together with this kind of theme.
I'm excited to say that the organisers were very pleased with the show and so much so that we are going to work with me to create a bespoke performance piece for the future! How VERY exciting.

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