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How to Brainwash Your Friends

...And Make Them Do Whatever You Wish

Imagine you could connect with people on a level where they feel as if they have known you for years. They trust you and want to be with you. This is something called rapport, and if you can establish rapport with people then you build stronger relationships with them - they are much more likely to do whatever it is you want.

So what can we do to establish greater rapport with people. Many books have been written on the subject, but here is something new and unique. If you can find out what makes the person tick, how they think then you communicate with them in a way that you know stimulates their mind most they will like you all the more.

There are two main kinds of person, linear and creative. Linear people think in lists, in logic, results and straight forward solutions. Creative people think in colours, in pictures, in emotions and expression, rather than lists a chaotic approach works better like spider diagrams. So work out if someone is a linear or a creative - you can use this image:

Print the image on to a piece of paper or card and put it in your purse or wallet. Ask your friends and people you meet, what it is they see in the image. They can see one of three things:

1. the word Kennedy
This means they are linear people.

2. a man's face (actually my face, spiky hair and devilish good looks)
This means they are creative

3. Other images
I've had all kinds of things seen in the image from scorpions to horses. This means they are creative too.

Once you know what kind of person they are you can start communicating with them in that way.

So if they are a creative person, when you describe things you've done tell them about your emotions, the details of the colours, how it felt, looked and smelled.

If they are linear they talk to them about cold hard facts without emotion, talk about results, strategy and the like.

Doing this will make you seem as though you both think alike and you will instantly build incredible relationships. Interesting.

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