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On Radio in Newcastle This Morning

I was asked back to the BBC Radio Newcastle studios this morning to appear on the Mike Parr breakfast show for the 4th time.

On today's talk show type phone-in we discussed arranged marriages and cultural differences as well as the apparent proposal for Newcastle City Council to erect a massive screen at the bottom of Northumberland Street. Today's show was very little about me and mostly about the issues at hand, but of course it was my opinion that they were interested in and so bringing a new way of thinking about things to the table is what I did.

I used my creative juices to see how we could look at things a little differently. Then something happened, something we could not expect. Imagine you're a young Caucasian male sitting in the studio with a female guest who is from Pakistan and a text is received that reads something to the jist of 'while you're in our country you should live under our rules or go back to your own country'.

Shocked and appalled my co-guest blurted out in anger that it was 'bollox' and we had to calm her down. Of course I had to voice my opinion, which is 'you can not possibly say that. The world is a much smaller place now, we can jump on a plain and within a day be on the other side of our planet. Similarly, saying that if you dont like ti 'go home' just will not wash because that is like saying when we go on holiday to Spain we should ONLY be eating local food and not a single English dish should pass our lips.

It just goes to show that you never quite know what to expect.

That said I did meet a really cool young guy who is a fellow entrepreneur. He too has been self employed since the age of 14 and now at just 17 is giving money away to charity. I very much hope that we will remain in touch as from our chats this morning we seem to have a lot in common. I'll keep you informed about how it flourishes - let me tell you they would be god-ugly kids.

So now I'm just making some last minute arrangements before I head of to Jersey.

More tomorrow!

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