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I Get Home and I Get Impressed

Hello, it's late I know and I am a tired young man. We've had an excellent time in Jersey over the past few days, stayed in a Hotel, went to the zoo, saw a 3D history of Jersey show and ate like kings. I'm to tired right now to go in to the details but tomorrow I will start reviewing what was hot and what was not (namely the weather).

Before we go in to that I have GOT to tell you about this...I think I have pretty much been there and seen most things when it comes to online marketing, making money, ebay and things like that - just when I thought it had all been done, one of my closest friends came along and blew me away.

Someone I've known since I was knee-high to a grasshopper emailed me today to tell me about something he is doing and I am so impressed by the originality and creativity of it that I thought I should stop worshiping myself for a second and share it with you.

Basically, Rob Temple is best known as one of the top hypnotists in the world, but what the heck does he do during the day before his shows? The answer, he sits on his balcony and runs various internet businesses, and does it successfully. He is a very switched on guy to say the least. So what was it that impressed me so much today that I had to write about it here?

Well as I said, Rob is switched on when it comes to the ways of the web, and knows how to make a good living from it. He emailed me to say that in the next few days he is going to let people follow him by live camera feeds as he makes 10k in 30 days. Literally following his every mouse click to making his living. Whats amazing about this is that viewers can then copy his exact strategy to doing the same thing. THAT is extremely creative and I tip my hat to the man.

In fact, here is a link in case you are interested in getting involved in this genius ideas, and of course make some money on at the same time. Click here. From what I can see it is starting in the next few days and there are only a few places.

Anyway, do check it out, Rob is a sound guy who has a lot to give...I'm looking forward to finding out how it goes, see his processes and see how I can improve on them to turn that 10k in to a heck of a lot more. Its a great challenge to set yourself anyway isn't it?

So...that is something that impressed me today.Tomorrow I have a billion things to do, a show on Thursday and Saturday and then flying to Barcelona on Thursday next week to perform 5 shows means I have a lot of prep to be doing. I do hope you're well and I will start the reviews of Jersey tomorrow.

Apologies again for the late posting!

p.s Rob Temple's 10k in 30 days site is here.
p.p.s. he is a personal friend so please do support him.

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