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How to Spot a Liar #2

A quick snappy video cast today as I'm shooting off to a show so don't have a mega amount of time but I thought it was important that I share today's idea for spotting liars with you before I left.

So here it is:

Have a great day!


  1. Never heard that tip before. Thanks :-)

  2. -Mitch3:32 pm

    All good stuff. I've read the liar tips in reverse order (5-1), so I'm posting on this one. How does one spot the pathological liar? The one that can weave a tale over many many months and when it is time for them to live up to their end of the business agreement they fail to deliver. In retrospect its my contention that they never indended to deliver on their on, but cont. the tale to simply 'take' instead of an honest exchange of business. It is one thing to lie about a few days trip to aussi, something else to cont. a tale for an extended amount of time.
    Your thoughts?

  3. Hi Mitch,
    Thank you for all your contributions so far - keep them coming!
    Pathological liars are more difficult because this refers to a mental state where they a- dont know they're doing it and b- believe what they are saying to be true. Its almost like the perfect lie. That said they can still be identified.
    The way to identify this is to look for contradictions. If they say 'I was in Australia yesterday' you know that ti takes 25/6 hours so that could not have been the truth. Other examples in the business world about when they fail to deliver you have to consider whether their intention was to deceive in the first place or if indeed this is through something out of their control.
    Either way you can find out by asking questions. Eventually they have to trip themselves up and then its up to you to make the toughest decision - what do you do with that information?
    Hope that helps, keep your posts coming, I love this stuff.


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