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The Day After The Pinot

Good morning world,
Today is the first, and I hope the only day that I will not be posting a video entry to my blog this month. Why? Well yesterday I was keeping myself sober. It was my 24th birthday and I planned to have a nice Italian lunch followed by a visit to the Theatre Royal in Newcastle where a play by the name of Sleuth was showing. That was one amazing day which was preluded with gifts that mean the world to me. (thanks!!)

Then the evening came and my actor friend from London, we'll call him Alex because that ladies and gentlemen, is his name - he invited me out for a birthday drink. Oh dear. So the reason I shall not be posting any kind of video of myself today is because rather than looking like a genetic mutation of a son of Billy Idol and Annie Lennox today, I look like a shriveled gerbil. And you really dont want to see that - seriously you dont, I dont want to be responsible for your regurgitation of what was probably a very nice meal. Rule of the 25th birthday will be 'dont drink a bottle of Kopparberg followed by 2 bottles of Rose Wine'.

I am hoping to pull myself round before this evening as I am performing, and yes I will be taking the camera along with me to give you eye-witness account of what is happening. So tomorrow there will be video, for today it is a mental image of me leaning over a toilet bowl hoping there is a man called Huey down ther ebecause I will be shouting for him from the bottom of my soul.

And heck, even if I am still ill, i'll be there - smiling, shiney and vibrant whilst melting underneath.

Thanks for reading, more fun and frollocks tomorrow...including a video. Brownie's honour.

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1 comment:

  1. lmao! Love it how you have a pic of a gerbil.


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