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Brainwash Everyone You Meet

I do read every reply, comment and thought on this blog myself. There is no team behind me on this one, its my blog and I manage it. When reading through some comments the other day I came across a post from someone who wanted more techniques they could actually go out there and use. Of course I do teach many tactics and approaches in my live courses but I thought that I would share some titbits of information from the course with you here.
Today's post is one technique that I call the Double Bind and it means that you can make people pretty much do what you want. If you want to go to the cinema with some friends if you simply ask them "do you want to do to the cinema?" there is a chance they will say 'no'. Using the technique i describe in today's video blog this will rarely happen again.

Thanks for your continued support, I'd love to hear about the ways you use this, so post your stories and ideas in the comments below :)

The Psychological Magician

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  1. "it's thursday, I can't believe it. The week is flying ahead of us."

    Loved how excited you got over it. :P

    Keep up the great blog posts.


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