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Tata TV

Good afternoon. What a weekend I've had I can tell you. I almost got glassed in the face on Friday night when I was working at a private party. Narrowly escaped by making a sharp exit. Before you get too concerned, the raucous wasn't caused by me or anything I said. It was a squabble between guests which got out of hand and fists started flying. Yikes.

The weekend got more and more exciting. After about a year talking back and forth, spending a lot of time working on ideas and things for a new TV channel here in the UK the company behind it decided to totally insult me. I haven't shared any of my ideas with them so they didn't take advantage of me...I was careful. Here's what happened.

I got an email, and of course I cant say any names for legal reasons, the email said that they were organising a meeting for the summer next year to discuss my ideas with the board but that they'd also like to have me perform my after dinner show for everyone. I was excited at the prospect and replied with a quaotation of my fee for spending a week with them in London, advising on how to make the new shows interactive and exciting for their new audience. Added to that my fee for my show, took a little bit off as a 'bulk' discount to be a 'nice guy'. Only then to receive a response that basically said that I had to provide my own accomodation in London and that they were only willing to pay be £500 more than the fee for my show.

Let's do the maths boys and girls. My fee + £500. Okay and then I have to pay for accomodation out of that 500. 5 nights in London i'd be lucky to get at £100 a night/ So they were expecting me to provide 5 days at 10 hours a day completely free of charge. Insane?! I thought so. I wouldn't work for 50 hours on brand new ideas, creating for a multi million pound project for free. It would be stupid to do. I could have another gig lined up that week and I have bills to pay, just like anyone else.

I tried to negotiate on time saying that I'd do a lot of work at home and spend a day presenting to the board in London as well as performing my show. They just wouldn't budge. So I said bye-bye.

Life is about give and take. These guys just weren't willing to give at all. They wanted everything I know on a plate for free, or worse...at my cost. I learnt a lot from this experience. It really doesn't matter how big these companies are. You have to believe in yourself and your self worth.

As you know, I've worked for years to get my level of understanding to where it is, I wasn't about to hand it to someone without them paying too.

Ohh, I'm off to London on Wednesday. Taking two days off and I am very excited!!
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