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Good morning, yes its creeping up to 6:30am and your mind reading friend is up and about. Today I'm traveling to London, our train is at 9 so we need to be up and looking lively at this hour.

I have a moment while Tess is in the shower to blog, its been a couple of days and I was having withdrawn symptoms.

In the last few days some major advancements with my new public show have been made. My producer in arranging meetings with various north-eastern venues so we can look at which is going to be the most suitable.

This time the show will be in a theatre, one of medium capacity and I hope to make a two night run of it, a Friday and a Saturday in June 2008. The original plan was for March, but alas Derren Brown is performing in Newcastle Theatre Royal close to that date and we dont want mind reading overload.

So this morning I woke up to find that, just as fate would have it, our heating isnt working. Thankfully our electric shower means we can leave all fresh and clean. It does mean that I'm sitting here typing to you while wearing black cotton gloves, just to keep my body temperature above freezing. Yeah, it's cold.

As well as shows in 'The Big Smoke' I'll be spending a little time seeing some shows and the sights that I just love in London. This trip I'm lucky enough to have Row D Stalls seats for Les Miserables, which is my favorite show on the planet. That's tonight. But between then and now a few surprises lurk. I cant let the cat out of the bag just yet but I am very excited!!

Anyway, I'm off to make yet another cup of tea. Two sugars and a dash of milk. Since I'm away until Sunday I will have little, if any time to blog. So if it is the case that I dont get myself plugged in and wifi'd up before then, please accept my apologies. Although I will try because some of the gigs im working on this week are really exciting and no doubt there will be many a tale to tell.

Thanks again for your support!!
Kennedy (Newcastle)
Psychological Magician and Mind Reader

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