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"It Makes a Change from the Chicken"

Ho Ho Ho....Kennedy Klause here. Take this as your official holiday well-wishing message. This picture of Kennedy Klause choking a turkey is here to greet the season of good will and put a smile on your face. AND I have a very heartfelt message for you.

It's not often I get serious. Today is THAT day of the year. It's been a phenomenal 2009 hasn't it? So much has happened and I've learned a ton. Have had some of the best times of my life. Met some of the most incredible and inspiring people. So thank you for being part of it. For being involved.

Just by reading this blog you have somehow affected my life and gleamed a little insight in to the truly mental world in which I dick-around. (Yes I comically call this work?)

Have a great holiday season. And thank you for your continuing support. I appreciate you soooo much!

I have some major plans for 2010. But we're not up to the new year's thing yet so will keep you on the edge of that seat of yours. Needless to say I've had a literal team of people working behind the scenes here to deliver even more goodies from my big ol' sack in the months to come.

Ho ho ho!

- Kennedy Klause


  1. Anonymous1:23 am

    All the best bud. Nice piccy btw.

  2. Anonymous11:29 am

    Why have you got a cartoon of Rhydian though? :P

  3. You are too funny (and so genuinely serious).

    YOU have had such a great 2009 because you share yourself in such wonderful ways with so many people. You give... and then it flows back to you.

    Bless you, Kennedy. Here's to a fabulous 2010!

    Charlie Seymour Jr

  4. Love it... choking the Turkey!! Ditto to Charlie Seymour, you're a genuine darling! All the best Kennedy x

  5. Can't wait to come out to the UK and hang out with you. Maybe Brad will trot along!

    Best Holiday Wishes!

    JOhn Carlson

  6. Anonymous9:49 pm

    L.M.A.O Ken old son!

  7. Anonymous6:38 pm

    nice one mate you have always done things for other people have a good new year 2010 from martin


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